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Real-time Action Drawing, indeed

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

The title of this post is borrowed from a blog post by Christopher Blizzard who is working as an Open Source Evangelist at Mozilla.

So Christopher did an experiment: he posted this message on Twitter:

We love this little canvas drawing program because it makes us feel like five year olds:

He posted this to a (quasi?) official Twitter account of Mozilla, called @mozhacks which has more than 2500 followers. What happened was a storm of people rushed to Colorillo and started drawing. Luckily the server quite stood up to the demand.

I am really glad that Christopher did something more: he recorded a screen video of people going crazy! It is so fun to watch! Here it is (I mirrored it on this server, I hope this is ok for Christopher):

After all, thanks Christopher for testing out my server. I really like the outcome.

Colorillo goes Kunsthalle Wien

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Right now at Kunsthalle Wien (in Vienna, Austria where I live) there is an exhibition called archdiploma where students of architecture show their diploma projects.

Among those projects there also is an LED wall and I am proud to announce that Colorillo is (for a part) delivering the content for this wall!

At this occasion I managed to get Colorillo working on the Apple iPhone and Google’s Android platform. (I hear it also somewhat works on Opera Mobile when you enable selecting mode.)

It’s really fun being able to draw while standing outside the wall and seeing what you paint on the big screen. It gives you a pretty natural feeling drawing with your finger as opposed to drawing with the mouse.

I have created a special page on Colorillo for drawing there, the URL can be found at location.
Even if you can’t come to Vienna to see it, you can play with Colorillo on your compatible mobile phone. It’s fun!

Update: A video of what drawing looked like:

I have posted a lot of pictures so that you can see what it all looks like.