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New Feature: Online List and World Map

The new colorillo sidebar -- world map and online listWow, the response to Colorillo was a blast. A large number of people came from StumbleUpon, Twitter and other places.

This made me curious: Where do these people actually come from? I figured it would be fun to see who is on the web page right now, so I cooked up a new feature: Online list.

Actually it is pretty tricky to do: A browser tells the server when you enter the site, but typically doesn’t when you leave it. It becomes even trickier when people leave Colorillo open and put their laptop to sleep and return later on. Despite all the trouble, I think I have figured it out and it’s working pretty nicely so far.

So now you will see a list of users on the right hand side of the drawing board. This also means that Colorillo is now more geared towards widescreen users. If you have an somewhat old-school 4:3-monitor, you might have to scroll to the right in order to see this new feature.

As a plus I created a world map so you can visually see where the people are actually coming from. Your location is determine through a technology called GeoIP. I’m aware that it isn’t fully accurate, but I think it’s working fine: this is not for tracking down people but rather for giving a vague overview where people are coming from.

After all I think it’s a fantastic new way to look at the page and to see the real value of collaboration on the internet: People are really coming from all over the world. Neat!

And there is one more thing (well, actually it is pretty obvious): You can see what color and what pen size someone is using right now. This should usually make it possible to see who is drawing what right now.

The eyes show inactivity, if someone doesn’t draw or change his or her pen during a certain amount of time (currently 30 seconds), eyes will appear, indicating that.

I hope you enjoy these new features as much as I do and wish you tons of fun on Colorillo.

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