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New Feature: Chat

Obviously the focus on Colorillo is to enable collaborative drawing. And drawing is what it all is about. So I hesitated to implement this feature, but in the mean while I figure it is well worth it and doesn’t distract from the drawing all too much (maybe also because of the implementation I chose).

So now you can chat on Colorillo. This is not meant to be for telling the story of your life, but for short messages, for example to take people with you to a private room by sharing the address.

The implementation is unlike other chats in that there is no list of recent messages (and therefore no history, though this might change), but rather bubbles appear above the user who said something. That way you don’t need to pick a username just to chat.

So you start a chat by clicking on the little “chat” link right of your user line (in bold type) in the online list. A popup will ask you for your message, then just press enter and done. Everyone else on the same page will see what you wrote.

There are two keyboard shortcuts associated with the chat function: Enter and Esc. Use the Enter key to start a message or to reply to a message, use Escape to hide the message currently being displayed.

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created by alexander kirk