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New Feature: Ignore

An unfortunate side effect of lots of people drawing anonymously on a page, is that there always seems to be someone who think it’s funny to destroy what other people are drawing.

And if the destruction would only be drawing over everything else, but people (actually I assume some men) seem to have loads of fun drawing penises.

I have a bit of a hard time understanding such people, but I figured I could do something about it nonetheless: You can now selectively ignore people.

This actually plays nicely with the online list feature that I announced here yesterday: you determine who of the people on the list is the nasty one, and then simply click on the new ignore link that is show beside each drawer. Remember that you can use the Show last line feature to discover who just drew nonsense.

How unfortunate that I had to include this functionality. But always remember: you can create a private room, also based on the image you are currently viewing.

To be honest, I am not fully content with the functionality yet: When you reload the page, the lines drawn by people you wished to ignore will still be visible. I am still working on that and trying to figure out what to do about this, I’ll keep you posted on this.

Actually the problem seems to decline now that it’s more the people who really want to draw come to Colorillo, and not the masses that have just clicked a link on StumbleUpon and are plain bored.

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