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Easily Invite Friends To Draw With You

Invite users screenDrawing at Colorillo makes more fun when you draw together with other people. And most probably it’s even more fun if those people are your friends! So here comes a new feature that allows you to easily notify your friends to have them draw with you.

Invite Friends ButtonI have cleaned up the user interface a little: below the color and brush selector you can now find the new “Invite your friends” button. Click on it, and the dialog on the right will appear.

Currently, only with Twitter and Facebook you can automatically invite your friends. To notify them on other media you need to copy the URL which can be see on the bottom part of the screen.

I have integrated three buttons into the invitation screen which let you choose where you actually want to draw with your friends. This also makes it more explicit that there are private pictures on Colorillo which sometimes gets misunderstood.

Happy drawing with your friends!

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created by alexander kirk