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Picture Gallery

There are treasures lying around at Colorillo. They have been created (in part) in cooperation by talented drawers. I don’t want to hide these treasures away but show them to you. I have therefore created a picture gallery where you can look at all pictures that have been created at Colorillo.

On the front page there is a new button on the left side that will lead you to the gallery.

I have integrated voting into the gallery, so that the most beautiful pictures can move to the top, and offensive images (sad for humanity that some people don’t have anything better to do than draw stupid stuff on web pages) can be downvoted in an instance.

Example of browsing the Picture GalleryYou can change the number of images displayed on a page as well as the sort order (top right). When you click an image, you see something like this on the right.

Additional information is being displayed for each image, for example the number of drawers and lines that make up the picture.

For your convenience there are also keyboard shortcuts, such as left and right to walk through the pictures (it will also automatically go to the next page in the background if you have arrived at the last picture). Use up or down to vote.

So when you are not that good at drawing, or the mouse is preventing you from drawing the most beautiful picture, why not just enjoy the gallery? And if you come across a cool picture, please vote it up. Or down, should it be offensive. Thanks!

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created by alexander kirk