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New Feature: Playback

I am very excited about today’s new feature: Playback. This means that you can now take any picture on Colorillo and watch how it was created!

Animated tree drawn on Colorillo
Playback controls

Underneath a picture there are now playback controls (see the screenshot). You can click the play button and after the playback data has been loaded from the server you will see how the picture came to life.

The icon depicting the tortoise allows you to change the speed of the playback. You can use the slider to move within the time, e.g. to watch a specific section of the drawing again. When you want to continue to draw (given you are not in read only mode, click the X to close the playback).

When you are in the gallery you need to click the picture again in the preview mode to look at the picture under its own URL in readonly mode. Then the controls will appear underneath.

Here are some very nice pictures to try out:

I can’t stop watching the playbacks of the greatest pictures on Colorillo. I hope it will be similar for you 🙂

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