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Facebook App

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

You can now also draw on Colorillo from within Facebook. This is now possible through the new Colorillo Facebook App.

It is a somewhat stripped down version of Colorillo as there are no advanced colors. The screen estate for Facebook apps is limited, so I had to do away with the world map and move the user list below the drawing.

One of the benefits of the Facebook app is that you see your friends on the drawing by name , so no more guessing if this user “from Vienna” really is your friend. For chatting while drawing I encourage you to use the built-in Facebook chat.

To invite friends to your drawing, you can post something to your wall through a link on the top right. It’s a bit clumsy compared to Colorillo because choosing specific friends to invite must be done through the lock button within the Facebook message screen. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t provide customization in this area.

Still you can use the Facebook app to lure friends into drawing on Colorillo. For quick sketching the Facebook app is well worth checking out.