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Feature review: chat window

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Today I would like to show you a feature that I have recently added but not discussed in detail yet.

First of all, there is a new chat window, as you can see in the screenshot on the right. You can access it through the top right menu (see the animation). The speech bubbles remain in place, so you can choose what to use.

It’s much more comfortable typing there, because also the cursor focus remains in the text field below when you press enter.

The lack of usernames (or rather Colorillo not requiring to register) could potentially create the problem that you can’t be sure who was saying what, especially if two people come from the same city. To solve this, you can rename your chat partners (just for yourself, just like the already existing renaming function), but just clicking on a name in the chat (also demonstrated in the animation).

Last but not least: when Colorillo is in a background tab, and someone writes something in the chat, you can now see this in the title bar, like this:

Happy chatting!

We drew on the LED Wall!

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Thanks for everyone who came by yesterday to play with the LED wall. It was great fun!

I’m working on a short video, but for now here are some photos. Thanks for Georg Semanek and Chris Chiu for taking them!

MSF Beach: LED Wall drawing

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Colorillo is currently powering a collaborative drawing event at the Ärzte ohne Grenzen (Doctors without borders) beach, a temporary beach created for the duration of the AIDS conference 2010 which is being held in Vienna.

At Adria Wien on the Donaukanal in Vienna, you will find an LED wall on which you can draw on using Colorillo. Take your iPhone or Android phone with you, enter the web address you can find there, and start drawing. Of course it also works on Laptops, the iPad, and iPod Touch.

It’s a neat experience to see what you draw appear on a big screen, even more so if you’re drawing with someone else. The resolution of the screen is limited, so sometimes you end up just drawing big blobs of colors, but that’s even more fun. If you happen to be in Vienna, pay a visit. It’s fun!

On Thursday, July 22, 2010, John Megill of the FM4 radio station will be DJ-ing and during that there will be a focus on drawing on the wall. Drawing will start at dusk, around 8:30 pm.

There is also a Facebook event which you can attend. During the Happy hour, a percentage of the price of each drink will be donated to Doctors without borders (MSF).

Thanks to Oliver and Eva for making this possible. Happy drawing!

Pressure-sensitive Drawing

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Users of a Wacom tablet can now have pressure-sensitive drawing on Colorillo.

Before you can do so, you need to install a plugin from Wacom. As soon as this is done, Colorillo will automatically recognize your tablet and you can simply vary the pen size by pressing harder while drawing. There is also a new FAQ entry about this.

This allows to draw lines with variable width throughout the line, like in the picture in this post. If your pen has a second pressure sensitive point at the other end of the pen, this eraser works too (it erases by drawing in white).

One caveat: the plugin by Wacom doesn’t seem to work in Firefox 3.6 or Chrome, so you may need to resort to an earlier version of Firefox or Safari. Let’s hope that Wacom fixes this soon.

I am no expert with pressure-sensitive drawing on tablets, so please tell me if it all behaves as expected. Happy drawing!