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Video Export

You know I am a big fan of the playback feature. I love watching how a drawing has been created.

Download a picture in several formatsNow you can also export the playback as a video and download it to your PC. There are now several formats in which you can download picture (You can find the links as depicted on the screenshot on the left side of an image on Colorillo):

  1. PNG (Portable Network Graphics): A pixel based format that is commonly used in graphics processing.
  2. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics): In this format each line is stored separately so that you can resize the picture to any size you want.
  3. MP4 (Motion Picture (Experts Group, Version) 4): This is the format of the new video feature (actually the h.264 codec is being used). While the download will start with the other formats instantly, clicking this link will open a window that will ask you a few further questions.
  4. Video Export options
    You can set an output format (the iPod format is a little scaled down but plays on an iPhone or iPod Touch and probably on the future iPad), and–what I find most interesting–change the duration of the video you will download. This means you can choose how fast the picture should be drawn.

    Here is an example of such an exported video (the fanstastic picture by Uram and Jackie Lee):

    Happy downloading 🙂

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