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Feature review: chat window

Today I would like to show you a feature that I have recently added but not discussed in detail yet.

First of all, there is a new chat window, as you can see in the screenshot on the right. You can access it through the top right menu (see the animation). The speech bubbles remain in place, so you can choose what to use.

It’s much more comfortable typing there, because also the cursor focus remains in the text field below when you press enter.

The lack of usernames (or rather Colorillo not requiring to register) could potentially create the problem that you can’t be sure who was saying what, especially if two people come from the same city. To solve this, you can rename your chat partners (just for yourself, just like the already existing renaming function), but just clicking on a name in the chat (also demonstrated in the animation).

Last but not least: when Colorillo is in a background tab, and someone writes something in the chat, you can now see this in the title bar, like this:

Happy chatting!

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created by alexander kirk