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HOWTO: Ignore Mischievous Drawers

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Because this question arises from time to time, I want to show you what you can do against mischievous drawers, who tend to overdraw you or draw offending things: You can simply ignore them.

Let me show you how I deal with such people:

First, I’m just drawing along…

… then, a stupid guy comes along and overdraws me

Now I need to find out, who this was. In this demo case it’s easy, but when there are quite a few people in the room this might get difficult. Click on the pen icon of the user: the last line of this guy will be highlighted on the drawing.

Next, I rename the user, so that I can identify him or her later on. This renaming just affects how this user is displayed to me. This step is optional, of course.

Finally, I ignore the user by clicking on “ignore”. Now any future lines drawn by this user will be ignored (and just for you). Unfortunately the lines that already have been drawn, remain.

This user might continue to overdraw things, but that I don’t see anymore.

Currently, this ignore feature only applies to you. The user is not automatically ignored for other people yet. Also I am considering to remove the lines after the fact for this user, but I am not yet sure if it’s necessary. You can tell me otherwise by feedback or in the comments 🙂

Always remember that you can use the playback feature to undo the lines and then go off to a private room and invite people to come along.