Colorillo is a collaborative drawing web application. Share the URL of the page with your friends and watch them in real-time as they draw or draw together with them.

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Colorillo was started in August 2009 as a side project by Alexander Kirk, a web application programer from Vienna, Austria. As with many projects before, Nader Cserny (from Berlin, Germany) has provided Alex with help with the graphics. See some other projects we did together:

- Factolex (collaborative fact lexicon)
- Wizlite (collaborative page highlighting)
- Blummy (the bookmarklet management bookmarklet)
- Bandnews (collect news from your favorite bands)

Nader is co-founder of compuccino and also writes on Brandinfection. He also can be found as @nadr on Twitter.

Alex was a founding member of Netvibes. His blog is at alexander.kirk.at, @akirk on Twitter.

material for use in press and blog posts

First of all, thanks for writing about Colorillo! Here is some material that you can use for your blog post (click on it for higher resolution):


scalable version



All pictures drawn on Colorillo are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. When you want to use such a picture drawn on Colorillo, you need to specify that it has been collaboratively drawn on Colorillo.com.

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created by alexander kirk